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✔  Optimize Routes ✔  Enhance Safety
✔  Reduce Costs with V2T

Our AI-driven Transport Management System (TMS) optimizes your delivery and collection routes, including middle-mile and last-mile segments, whether you're operating from a single depot or handling multiple stops. Our system helps you plan and manage efficient routes, saving time and reducing costs for your fleet.

Plan less, deliver more!

Prices start from
$35 per vehicle

Lorries Parked In Line
After implementing V2T Logistics AI, my delivery costs went down by 30%, I was able to optimize our routes and manage drivers effortlessly. 10/10

Graham, London, UK


No minimum

commitments, low cost

Boost Profits

30% improvements

on average

Easy to Use
Hassle-free integration with your existing systems & processes

Advanced Tech

Cutting-edge AI technology

Streamline your logistics operations and deliver excellent customer service.

✔  Local Delivery Businesses
✔  Delivery Fleet Operators
✔  Service Fleets
✔  Distributing Manufacturers
✔  Owner Operator Drivers
✔  Courier Companies
✔  Middle-Mile & Last-Mile Delivery

Key Features

Collection, Multi-Drop Transport Management System (TMS) for Fleets​


Optimized Automatic

Schedule Creation​

Generates efficient schedules automatically, reducing planning time and ensuring optimal resource utilization.


ETA Calculation & Notification​

Provides accurate estimated times of arrival and sends notifications to keep all users informed.


Carbon Emission Calculation​

Tracks and calculates the carbon footprint of your fleet to support eco-friendly initiatives and compliance.


Route Optimization​

Calculates the best possible routes to minimize travel time and fuel consumption, improving overall efficiency.


Real-Time Tracking​

Monitors vehicle locations in real-time, allowing for better management and quick response to any issues.


Dynamic Add/Remove Deliveries​

Easily adjust delivery schedules on-the-fly, accommodating last-minute changes without disrupting operations.

Look after yourself, your drivers and our planet.

Easy Integration

Multilingual functionality,

easily integrated with

various platforms.


Driver well-being & safety monitoring.


Emissions monitoring & benchmarking. Smart schedules to reduce emissions.

Prices start from
$35 per vehicle

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