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Logistics Ai

Smart Multi-Point Delivery Optimization For All

Thrive in the post pandemic era

Made for fleet operators with 20-100 Vehicles who do depot to variable, multi-point delivery logistics, V2T helps overcome many industry challenges in the post-pandemic environment to endure and grow

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Depot to Multi-Point Delivery Optimization

We have made Smart Ai & Digital technologies, once only for giants, now available to all to reduce costs and to enable growth

Multi-point delivery Plan Operate and Improve
Key Features
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Affordable & Easy to adopt

Our solution is self-funding through cost reduction and capacity increase

30% Typical
3% Minimum
No minimum commitments

Hassle-free integration with your existing systems and processes

Look after yourself, colleagues, society and our planet

Our solution is self-funding through cost reduction and capacity increase

In addition to the core operational optimization features, we also help protect the wellbeing of people and the environment

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About V2T
  • Vector To Transform (V2T) is a digital product and service development house that develops solutions that transform businesses

  • Our philosophy is to make cutting edge smart technologies available to all businesses at affordable prices

  • We are a global team of experts on AI and Digital with a proven track record in having delivered over USD100m+ benefits to enterprise blue-chip clients. Now want to open that capability to benefit the masses

  • We are privately funded and highly solvent with no debtors

  • We operate and serve clients globally with in-region support and customer care model

  • Our solution is delivered as Software as a Service (SaaS) on cloud on-line

  • Our solution meet commercial grade industry security standards

  • We are compliant with Data Protection & Privacy  Regulations in your country

  • We provide Data Sovereignty within your region

About V2T
Contact us to get you onboarded

We will:

  • Answer any of your questions

  • Calculate your potential savings

  • Get you going using our digital SaaS platform

  • Help with your data

  • Train your people

  • Help with any integration of your systems

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