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Our SaaS Products

Subscription based SaaS Products
to Optimiz
e your business operations
Our SaaS Products that can be adopted immediately by businesses to optimize and gain significant efficiencies.

V2T's Logistics Ai Product

Logistics Ai

Depot to Variable Multi-Stop Delivery & Collection Optimization transport management system (TMS)

V2T Logistics AI helps overcome road transport logistics industry challenges in the post-pandemic environment to endure and grow. Logistics Ai powers the optimization of road transport delivery segments, middle mile and last mile, of supply chains. Ideal for fleet operators who do variable, multi-stop delivery and/or collection jobs.

Transport Management System TMS


V2T TMS Key Features

Affordable & Easy to adopt

Our solution is self-funding through cost reduction and capacity increase

V2T Benefits

Look after yourself, colleagues, society and our planet

In addition to the core operational optimization features, we also help protect the wellbeing of people and the environment.

V2T Green Sustainable
V2T's Marketplace Ai Product

Marketplace Ai

E-Commerce Marketplace Platform for Selling, Buying & Reverse Selling 

V2T Marketplace Ai can be hosted on the Google App Engine on the Google Cloud Platform. Beyond the traditional buying and selling, the unique reverse selling functionality allows buyers to publish what they want and the sellers to bid for the supply of the goods.

V2T's Documents Ai Product

Document Ai

Accurately and instantly converts PDF documents into data file formats

V2T Document Ai solution reads complex PDF documents accurately and produce data in formats that can be read by business systems such as ERP, PLM, CRM and Finance Systems saving both time and effort. There are still transactional data exchange cases where a lot of manual keying in takes place costing time and effort. PDF document translation is one of these areas due to the unstructured nature of their content.

V2T's PDF Transformation Ai Product
V2T's PDF Transformation Ai Product
V2T's Marine Ai Product

Marine SC Ai

Optimization tool for the transportation of goods over marine networks

To optimize the operational schedules of shipments of goods by a fleet of vessels over a marine supply chain network depending on the size of the shipment, due dates, inventory at the ports and the position and the capacity of the vessels.

V2T's Terminal Ai Product

Terminal Ai

The orchestration and the optimization of Terminal Operations

To optimize the operational decisions at Terminals relating to Vessels, Gates, Staff, Machines, Yards, multi-modal drayage in the process of moving goods through the terminal.  

V2T's Rail Ai Product

Rail Ai

Testing & Optimizing rail Timetables, Operational Network Recovery and Asset Utilization Monitoring

To test rail time tables to asses their tolerance to delays and to identify bottle necks in the networks and optimize the time table; Decision support for the optimal network recovery procedures in the event of breakdowns and blockages in the network and the identification of asset criticality and wear and tear based on the operational schedules of the network.

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