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V2T Solutions

We specialize in solving the most complex business problems in industries which traditional IT solutions haven't been able to solve or improve significantly over the years, using a perfect combination of cutting-edge Digital Twin, AI and Simulation (DAS) technologies.

V2T DAS Engine

V2T Digital Twins

Digital Twin



V2T Simulation


A dynamic digital Replica of the real-world without writing fixed rules!

Learning from history to predict the future without writing rules

Prediction of the most likely scenarios based on probability, without history

Highly Adaptable

Our DAS (Digital Twin, AI, and Simulation) engine stands out for its remarkable flexibility and adaptability, capable of resolving diverse industry challenges. It leverages fundamental principles like object movement, vectors, networks, and the laws of physics within spatial dimensions. This unique approach enables us to rapidly develop tailored solutions, efficiently addressing complex problems across various sectors.


Rapid Time to Value

The adaptability of our DAS engine is key to our swift development process. This flexibility allows us to craft tailored solutions in remarkably short timeframes that no other suppliers can achieve. Typically, we deliver a functional solution within just 6 weeks, ensuring that even the most complex projects reach completion within a maximum of 12 weeks. This efficiency in development means our clients can quickly see the transformative effects of our innovative solutions in action.

V2T Minimum Data

Minimal Data Requirements
Traditional AI systems often rely on years of big data, creating barriers to project initiation. At V2T, we adopt a more streamlined approach. We use 'just enough' historical data of 'good enough' quality, tailored for its specific purpose. This is combined with a select amount of near-real-time data to feed our AI digital twin simulator. This strategy ensures rapid development speed and maintains project viability, avoiding the common pitfalls of data overload in traditional AI projects.


Secure, Scalable & Resilient

The cloud platforms we use to host our solutions allow secure, in-region, scalable and resilient systems

Google Cloud Platform

Microsoft Azure & 365



The significance of our approach

V2T Digital Twins Benefits
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